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Discussion in 'The Real World' started by ris, Oct 8, 2002.

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  1. ris 121.3 moh New Member

    please bear in mind that many posts here are personal opinion and should therefore garner a modicum of respect. when posting on heated threads remember that the opinions of others might not be agreed with but they are still as valid opinion as your own.

    the use of abusive and/or derogatory phrases toward other members will not be tolerated. in future i shall take a view to locking threads as soon as statements such as those are posted, or as soon as members take offense.

    please note, opinions expressed and discussed here are those of members as indivuduals, any rank/status is merely window-dressing. mods posting here do so as individuals and are not representing otc, neither can they abuse their position as moderators. they have as much right to post personal opinions as other members however.

  2. ris 121.3 moh New Member

    following recent problems we have been experiencing in this forum in particular the moderators of this forum are making the membership aware of new policy toward threads.

    from now on we will actively be making reference to and specific use of the aup clauses:

    4/ [services] ...with regard to the posting of that which is:
    7.1: Libelous, defamatory, excessively obscene or abusive, or an invasion of privacy;
    7.8 detrimental to the server.

    we refer to posts which display the use of aggressively toned or unnecessary use of abusive language or are making no adidition to the thread apart from derailing it. we will be editing or deleting posts that display this activity with the intention of removing clear sources of flashpoint.

    repeated offenses will be subject to locking and removal of threads and/or members from the real world forum.

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