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Discussion in 'The Real World' started by Gonz, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

  2. valkyrie

    valkyrie Well-Known Member

    It's Canada... they don't protest violently there.

    But I have to wonder who would go to listen to her speak...
    I mean, other than Neo-Nazis, misogynists and the KKK.
  3. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Free speech is, or isn't. When it comes to right-wing ideology, apparently, it isn't.
  4. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member


  5. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    awwww, those poor little oppressed right wingers! everybody else is working against you!

    why would laws against hate speech happen to coincide with right wing blather...? hmmm, i really wonder on that one....

    but, really, they shoulda let her speak. just like the KKK has a right to be heard, even though they are dipshits.
  6. valkyrie

    valkyrie Well-Known Member

    Gonz... they're Canadians. :lol: What are they gonna do? Really. :rofl2:
    If this had occurred in the US there would have been cause for concern... but... it's Canada. They'll make some signs, shout a little, then go home to watch hockey (or soccer) with a beer or two, eh.

    (No offense intended, Bish!)
  7. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    How do you type with your fingers in your ears?
  8. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Because the left finds emotions more fitting than thought.

    If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it must be hateful.
  9. valkyrie

    valkyrie Well-Known Member

    How do you type with your head up your ass?
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  10. valkyrie

    valkyrie Well-Known Member

    It's not confined to Left... a fine example representing the Right: "Tea Party Patriots".

    With regards to Ann Coulter, I don't think anyone should care here. We (the USA) have lived with hate speech and hate mongers for a long time. We've learned that it is better to allow for Free Speech than to begin that slippery slope of censorship.

    Long live The Constitution!
  11. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    really? is that why all them baggers get in a big emo-mob tizzy when their caribou barbie throws out meaningless slogans?

    remember gonz, freedom isn't free!!!!!!
  12. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    That's right minks. It takes individuals & groups to stand up & let their voice(s) be heard. Go ahead & go back to your 6-figure job. We'll take care of it.
  13. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    so your mob of swirling peons will do what, again? you think that's how real power works? through the seething and silly? hardly. best of luck.
  14. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member


    My bad. We should continue to blow our estemmed leaders & hope they cum on our face with their brilliance.
  15. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    no, you should continue to enjoy your bread and circuses.
  16. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

  17. jimpeel

    jimpeel Well-Known Member

    Limiting free speech has always been a Canadian function. What do we expect of those who still cling to the same types we threw off two centuries ago?

    But how will they enforce their speech laws against their citizens? After all, "It's Canada... they don't protest violently there."


  18. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    yeah every time i go to canada it sure seems like a police state to me.:erm:

    that big armored truck thingy is scary.

    i bet they've got less that half of the amount of that kind of thing per capita that we have in the US.
  19. valkyrie

    valkyrie Well-Known Member

    Wow... Canada owns tanks? :lol: Should we be worried? :p Watch out everyone! Canada is going to invade! :lol2: :rofl: :rofl2: :rofl3:
  20. MrBishop

    MrBishop Well-Known Member

    1) When you leave your country, you do NOT export your laws, rights and freedoms wherever you go. You either follow the laws of the country where you are visiting, or you face prosecution and expulsion from those countries.

    2) The V.P. of UoO personally decided to write to MsCoulter to remind her on our laws because she'd already shown at another University in Canada, that she does not respect those laws.
    3) We value freedom of speech (Which is why she's continuing her tour of Canadian Universities and other meeting places) - but we do have restrictions, much like the USA does.
    4) We also value freedom of protest/assembly... which is why so many people showed up to protest against her presence.
    5) SHE cancelled her speech...Canada did not. She could've continued with her speech but chose not to do so.
    6) If Canada did not want her to speak, we could've simply refused her entry into Canada.

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