Peabody's Way Forward Machine (OTC in 2023)

Discussion in 'Lunatic Lounge' started by MrBishop, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. PT Off 'Motherfuckin' Topic Elite

    I think OTC will still be around, although by then most of us will have met in person at the annual OTC party in Hawaii. fury will be bitching about how hard it is to keep up with 70 video streams coming into his database at once, and S3+1 will still be trying to get back in with the crowd. Ok, maybe not Nostradamous, but I bet it's close.
  2. Dave Well-Known Member

    i couldn't even begin to guess. if someone told me 20 years ago i'd be an RN in an emergency room, i would have thought they were crazy and/or on some serious drugs.
  3. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    Hopefully, I'll be younger then...and no longer a born again virgin...Gonz and I will have had a falling out over our invasion of Canada in the last years of the 'Bush Wars'....AlphaTroll & I will have our own website dedicated to erotic cooking...And Leslie will have finally filled out the damn paperwork that I left in her scanner before I left...:tardbang:
  4. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say "way back in the way way back machine"

    Only because I can, and my theatre prof used to say that all the time and this thread reminded me of her. :D

    Carry on.
  5. Oz New Member

    In 20 years time I'll be sittin' in me lil' padded cell at the high tech security Betty Ford Home for the Unstabaly Future Shocked :swing:

    If I'm a good prisoner......erm, patient they will allow me to post on the spangly new and improved OTC while sipping a warm prune juice to celebrate that I've finally managed to download the last of the patches for Windows XP.
  6. Stop Laughing New Member

    20 years from now, I'll probably still be here in some form, but where in RL can still change for sure.

    I'm waiting for the reunion in Hawaii too, I really wanna go!
  7. Gonz Founding Member and Vast molṑn labé

    Hopefully I'll have a life. Otherwise I'll still be stirrin' shit :D
  8. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

    A T3 in 20 years will be SLOW :D

    Take no less than something rated in OCs ;)
  9. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    *remembers playing Diablo 2 BattleNet on an OC-3*
    *remembers using napster on an OC-3*
    *doesnt' remember lag...ever.....ever....never*

    Method Speed
    14.4 Modem 14 Kbps
    28.8 Modem 28 Kbps
    ISDN 64-128 Kbps
    T1 1.54 Mbps
    DS1 1.54 Mbps
    T3 44.7 Mbps
    DS3 44.7 Mbps
    OC3 155.5 Mbps
    OC12 655 Mbps

    What he said. A T3 is slow even now. Go for dual balanced OC12s. :D And call me when you do. I want to move in. :D
  10. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    Speaking of which.....I have a couple new recipes we need to test before we declare them safe for pubic consumption :swing:
  11. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    :brow: Perhaps we should start an erotic cooking thread....
  12. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    Anyone ever tell you how briliant you are? :winkkiss:
  13. fury Administrator

    Hey, but I'll be able to afford it on the $200 a month that people will donate ;) (in 20 years, that'll be paltry)
  14. Professur I'm just a fungii. Well-Known Member

    Rat bastard never did share, did he?
  15. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Only 6 years into it and you still can't touch even a T1 for $200.
  16. paul_valaru would you like to bite my... 100% Pure Canadian Beef

    Geez, I wish I posted in this thread back then, so much has changed in 6 years.
  17. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

    that's what I figure for me as well.
  18. fury Administrator

    Well, we're a third of the way there... no T3 in sight...
  19. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

    cable, and dsl are as fast now as many t1 lines in this area were back then, '03.

    last I checked years ago, a t1/10Mbt was $1500/mo
  20. fury Administrator

    Certainly cheaper, yeah, but cable and DSL don't have the equal up/down speeds and uptime guarantee of Tx, OCx, etc... I wish I had one to play around with... I'm on DSL right now, and I have a hard time uploading faster than 70KB/s. This server, on the other hand, has a 100Mbit link...useful for withstanding the constant traffic that expects page loads in 0.1 seconds, and the occasional DDoS.

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