Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Justintime, May 9, 2002.

  1. Justintime Guest

  2. outside looking in ??? (added another ?) <b>Registered Member</b>


    Just got mine in there today.
  3. MitchSchaft New Member

    Mine is in there!!! :headbang:
  4. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    mines there, i need a better pic tho
  5. Bink New Member

    Mines there too! (but that's no real surprise) :rolleyes:

    I'm glad it's doing well, and thanks to those who maintain a link in their signature for it ;)
  6. Leslie Communistrator

    :laugh: Alright, alright, I got the hint. Tada! :headbang:
  7. Bink New Member

    Just an update:

    I changed ISP on the 7th of May, and all submissions that had been sent between then and now would have most likely ended up in the wrong place.

    So if you sent a pic between now and then and it hasn't been uploaded to the gallery, then chances are it has met with the great void :eek:

    Everything should be in order now, so please submit again ;)
  8. Bink New Member

    OK, another update.

    I managed to retrieve my email from my ex-ISP anyway. Aparently they haven't fully de-activated my account yet.

    Fury, MuFu and 747FlightEngineer's photos will be uploaded shortly ;)
  9. Justintime Guest

    han't mutherfunkers pic always been there? :laugh:
  10. MuFu Got Fu? New Member

    Yeah, I sent in one where I don't look like a total spacktard. Well, not as much anyway...

  11. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    haha nice pic mufu :headbang:
  12. StuTheWise The Unwilling Southpaw Member

    I don't know... should I update mine? Shaving my head and losing an arm doesn't make me look too different does it? :cool:
    Not to mention... no more motorcycle! :mad:
  13. Glok New Member

    Okies... mine is submitted, it is my avatar, but with a little more space. Yeah, no kidding! I'm a Phreak!

    But you suck green eggs and wap the ham.
  14. Bink New Member

    Are you sure? I haven't recieved anything yet. I tested the address myself to be sure it's working and everything checked out.
  15. Glok New Member

    OK. I sent it again. Hope it gets to ya, otherwise, avatar is gonna hafta doo.
  16. unclehobart Cynic PhD New Member

    What? Is your pic up in here now or something? I can't find t.
  17. Justintime Guest

    no, she put the link to the gallery in her sig, soon as she gets a usb card (get it already! :D ) we should see her :) ;);)
  18. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

    usb card ?? :confuse3:
  19. Jon ^calls his penis Halala New Member

    yeah... :confuse3:

  20. Justintime Guest

    usb card :D


    usb-card.jpg, 15.65kb


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