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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by greenfreak, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    ...anyone do this? Know how to do it for free or cheaply? Anything I should know about keywords? I'm completely new to this.

    Thanks. :)
  2. whoreable

    whoreable Well-Known Member

    this what u want?
  3. ris

    ris New Member

    thanks whoreable, i wanted that too :)
  4. A.B.Normal

    A.B.Normal New Member

    Might also want to read this .
  5. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    Some hosts provide free search engine submission via an easy to use web based interface that transmits your details to all of them in one fell swoop as opposed to pointing you to each one. Of course, if your host sucks (like one host in particular that I know of *cough* which doesn't *cough* start with Host or *cough* end with Rocket *wink* *nudge*) then you're wasting your time trying that and will have to submit them individually anyway, but usually I just go to the three most popular ones and submit there.
  6. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    Can I ask another question? What's this I hear about keywords? Obviously, you want to get hits on the search engines using the words that are on your site, but is it true that people setup a page with just keywords on it to increase their chances of getting hits?

    Thanks for the info guys. My site started out as just something personal I wanted to do for myself and my family. The better I get at this whole photography thing, the more people ask for enlargements, and they suggest that I start selling my stuff. I have so much to scan and post on it but what's all that effort worth if no one sees it? So every time I sit down to update it, I keep thinking about getting on search engines instead.
  7. A.B.Normal

    A.B.Normal New Member

  8. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    That's totally me. There is *no* text on my home page, it's all graphics. Damn. I wanted a really minimalist approach to my home page so I don't take away from the reason for the site in the first place. I can't win.
  9. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    Well, there isn't a lot of keyword-relevant words on the front page of XiBase, yet it is the first site that comes up when you search for XiBase :D

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