Discussion in 'Kiddie Korner' started by IDLEchild, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. IDLEchild Well-Known Member

  2. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    that your a grumpy gus but i like you anyway.
  3. Oz New Member

    I'm wondering how long it will take to fit a stair carpet tomorrow

    Letting the big things take care of themselves
  4. Rose New Member

    I'm thinking I shouldn't have doubled my happy medicine this morning for grins and giggles. Though, I do have grins and giggles!
  5. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    that i have alot more stuff then i thought......oi....
  6. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    Wondering about whether or not element 115 really does exist and if so why it is not being utilised more effectively.
  7. Rose New Member

    i'm thinking what the hell is element 115. *lol*
  8. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    how funny snoop dogg looks playing football
  9. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    imagining snoop getting sacked......lol
  10. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    Now I'm wondering if I should try and explain....hmm - prolly should.

    Element 115 (known as Ununpentium) is an extremely dense, stable element that apparently has it's own A gravity field which is so strong that it surpasses the perimeter of the atom. And it also has the B gravity field inherent in all matter. Due to this it is argued that this element can be used in the defiance of gravity.

    Apparently 115 does not naturally occur on earth. But because of it's high proton count can be forced into existence for brief periods of time. So that's why I was wondering whether or not it truly does exist.

    And of course there's the whole thing about government supression of it as it is used in 'Black World' aircraft capable of defying gravity and space/time.

    Yada yada.

    Thinking of Nazis now.
  11. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    sounds like a rap song...

    his team won, by the way
  12. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    wondering why they consider such artificial creations as elements...they keep messing with the organization of the table
  13. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    And i wonder if I should then mention anything about 114 which is now obsolete and 118 that died or summin.

    Dunno if elements die...prolly not.
  14. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    they shouldn't. remember kryponite? keeps people alive!
  15. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    i thinking of the irony of superman in a wheelchair...poor guy...they say he is doing better.....
  16. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    Well, I think then perhaps they should attach some 115 to superman's wheelchair......give him a bit of a lift yeah.

    And I'm also thinking about the socio economic state of affairs in countries such as Sudan.
  17. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Thinks AT should not drink so much....it seems to be making you think serioius thoughts or something.
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  18. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    thinking how shallow i am that i never contemplate the socioeconomic situation of places like sudan.......
  19. AlphaTroll Grim 'Guin. New Member

    Thinks Mirlyn should pay closer attention - AT no longer drinks at all :D

    Thinks AT should start getting stoned round about now.
  20. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    agrees with AT.

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