WTF happened to OTC?

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Valkryie, May 15, 2012.

  1. Valkryie New Member

    I know I don't post often here but I came back to find that my account had been deleted. I don't recall posting anything obscene or offensive on my last visit. There was no email notifying me that I had been banned or account deleted or whatever happened.

    Could I get an explanation?
  2. Gonz Founding Member and Vast molṑn labé

    Nothing happened. You're still a "valid" member, according to the admin info. Wrong password? (small v, not capital, in your username might matter on this new software)
  3. ResearchMonkey Bigoted homophobic white supremacist trailer trash Well-Known Member

    Obviously, you were hacked! The real question is.... by whom?

  4. fury Administrator

    Yep, your original account valkyrie looks fine to me. Try hitting the forgot password page and having yourself a password recovery email sent:
  5. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    Weird. I didn't forget my password. Cap-locks were not on (I checked that too). it just wouldn't take my password. now I can log in as "valkyrie" (the old member) rather than "Valkyrie" (the new member). The avatar is gone, though. Too bad. I don't have that image on my current laptop to upload and it was made by Bish. *sad* Also noticed that my "ignores" had been removed (no problem anymore, that was the first thing I corrected in my profile, LOL!). "Ignores" are all back the way I like them. :headbang:
  6. Inkara1 To err is human. To arr is pirate. Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one who noticed that you transposed the "r" and the "y" to make "Valkryie" in your original post in this thread?
  7. Professur I'm just a fungii. Well-Known Member

  8. Winky Banned Well-Known Member

    ha ha ha Inky :tomato:
  9. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    I had to create a new account so I transposed the "y" and "r" so it was similar but not the same. I wasn't sure if username was case sensitive. Any admin that wants to get rid of the newly created "Valkryie" account can do so. I have no intention of logging in with that username now that I can get in with my old one.
  10. Winky Banned Well-Known Member

    How's them chiggers a doin' ?
  11. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    Them chiggers are doin' just fine doin' what they do. ;-)
  12. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    Oh. Looks like the link is bad again. I'll need to fix that.
  13. Winky Banned Well-Known Member

    there are only five active members left
    and all we do is pee on each other
    dunno why the site even remains alive
  14. Gonz Founding Member and Vast molṑn labé

    Because we don't leave
  15. Winky Banned Well-Known Member

    last one off the boat, turn out the lights
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  16. fury Administrator

    Don't forget to turn off the coffee pot :beerbang:
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  17. Winky Banned Well-Known Member

    and the iron
    don't wanna burnt he place down
    ya never's noe's when they might wanna move back in?
  18. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

    I think this site gets more hits than people realize.
  19. Huge You go to hell! You go to hell and you die! Member

  20. Winky Banned Well-Known Member

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