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    What I like about this anime TV show is that it's all about mainly youths friends helping each other out (though there is Yugi's grandpa), the bullied defeating the bullies, good defeating evil, good guys showing mercy to bad guys, some bad guys turning into good guys. The characters speak when they want, sometimes simultaneously, not like boring military shows when people have to ask permission to speak freely.
  2. tonksy

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    sounds like fat albert...why don't they just bring back fat albert?
  3. IDLEchild

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    You just killed a little part of me.

    This show is by far the, THE worst anime or any animated show ever produced...Pokemon comes close but this one eventually wins.

    Another blotch on humanity.

    Here is a synopsis of every Yu-gi-whore episode

    1) Extremely gay looking 10 year old Yugi (the kid dresses in bondage clothing and has a voice of a 50 year old) with his leather pants, leather sleeveless shirt and a metal collar along with his Grease reject friend Joey (another douchebag and an all around quasi-Italian stereotype) with their two other equally boring and horribly drawn friends get in trouble.

    2) Must save their equally cliche grandpa who manages to fuck up every chance he gets.

    3) Another equally gay villain comes along and they battle with cards....CARDS...HOW THE FUCK DO YOU BATTLE WITH CARDS???

    4) Hologram monsters appear and they battle to give their worthless shit lives meaning.

    5) Yugi comes close to losing which causes much generic dialogue to follow.

    6) Last minute genius from an equally gay Egyptian spirit residing within Yugi comes through and Yugi wins which cause more generic dialogue to ensue.

    7) Villain vows to return and does 2 weeks later in another equally, monstrously stupid episode.

    Things wrong with Yu-gi-oh

    1) The whole show is a one giant ad for the trading card game which is equally time wasting.

    2) Most generic animation I have seen in a while...Pokemon wins this one though because pokemon had even worse animation.

    3) Characters are so base and generic that it actually causes physical pain. There is none, NOT EVEN A SINGLE SPARK of originality in these characters. Yes personality types are used and again and again but over time the characters develop something unique about them...nope, not here. Most boring individuals you'll ever see.

    4) Villians are the most sexually opressed, "waiting to come out of the closet" type you'll ever see....what man wears a red leather outfit with knee length white hair and wears white gloves!!!

    5) They are fucking cards....how does a society place so much value on playing a game with fucking paper cards? Pokemon I could understand but cards...cards!!!!!

    6) It just sucks....so bad.

    Sorry Powerball, there is nothing redeeming about this show. I use to watch it when I was young and as you can see....I have been scarred.
  4. Kawaii

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    I completely and fully agree with IC. That show sucks so hard, it's a metaphorical black hole. Go watch some proper anime, like:
    Cowboy Bebop
    Excel Saga
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Ranma ½

    Hell, even Digimon is a better pick than Yu-Gi-I'm-Gonna-Rip-My-Eyes-Out-With-A-Fucking-Fork-Oh.
  5. BlurOfSerenity

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    nice list, kawaii!
    i second bebop, excel, hellsing, .hack, and add trigun, and... if you like stuff that makes zero sense... di gi charat ^_^
  6. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax <b>mod cow</b>

    :rofl: thanks IDLEchild had a good laugh :D

    oh, and i totally agree :D
  7. A.B.Normal

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    Thats nothin' http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/sportsbusiness/news/story?id=1821931&partnersite=espn

  8. Gonz

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    My kid will tell you that Yugiogh & digimon are cool. He's 10.

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