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    WTF happened to OTC?

    Am I the only one who noticed that you transposed the "r" and the "y" to make "Valkryie" in your original post in this thread?
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    Oh god, he's messing with the code again

    This seems to be some seriously nice bulletin board software.
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    house hunting

    My place is big enough to. Spare bedroom, lots of room in the back for tents, three toilets. I admit I'm a little far away from everyone...
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    Wireless network question

    Yeah, I can see several different ones at my place too... father away than 30 feet, and through the metal walls of my mobile home. Make sure your router's wireless is actually turned on. That can be controlled in the control panel (type in, and unless you've set some other password...
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    Read this before you get an iPhone. :D
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    I'd switch to cable internet except 1. I have a personal beef with Charter and 2. I don't want to drop DirecTV but would get charged extra for not having cable TV with cable internet.
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    Typical complaint "Mexicans standing on the corner. You need to check them out"

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    How many OTCers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    We can't change the light bulb! The new one is made by a company that hasn't publicly denounced Arizona's immigration law, which means that company is racist and must be boycotted!
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    Admin questions on restricting members

    You can create usergroups with different permissions. There is a usergroup for mods/admins, who get access to every forum, including the mod's hideout and the bomb shelter. People who have donated money to the site don't get to go to the mod's hideout but do get to go to the bomb shelter. Some...
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    More people approve than disapprove of healthcare passage

    Really? Worse than Warren G. Harding, he of the Teapot Dome scandal, he whose mistress is the only one ever to successfully extort a political party, he whose legacy was immensely helped by his dying while in office? Worse than James Buchanan, who somehow managed to piss off both the north AND...
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    Zombie Guns

    What about the classic double-barrelled shotgun? I know when I used to play Doom II, the BFG 9000 was nice once in a while, but I actually preferred the super shotgun for 99 percent of what I was doing there. Side note: My friend and I had downloaded a program called DeHackEd to make changes to...
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    More people approve than disapprove of healthcare passage

    Did you see George Skelton's piece in the LA Times about how California's extra costs because of this bill look to be $2 billion to $3 billion? Meanwhile, school districts statewide are pink-slipping teachers by the truckload because the state doesn't have any money, and the state had been...
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    Too bad, so sad

    States get screwed by Obamacare California's share looks to be $2 billion to $3 billion. Meanwhile, teachers here are being laid off by the truckload because there's no state funding anymore.
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    Too bad, so sad

    In California, you can have a $35,000 cash deposit at the DMV or have a DMV-issued self-insurance certificate, which also requires owning 25 cars.
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    Healthcare bill to cut deficit by $130 billion

    I read the tables in the report and they didn't really tell me anything. I didn't feel like reading the other 25 pages of text in the report, since I'm busy with a lot of other things going on at work and at home. I'd thought that since you seem to think this bill is the greatest thing since...