A new bag


Aren't nice bags usually around €1,500?

there are lots of bags well above that. and in my experience, they are carried by those that...

a) are seeking status and/or can't actually afford them
b) are rich enough to afford them but should probably be doing something more constructive with that money like, say, making a nice charitable donation

in any/either case, they're assholes. every person i've met that had such a purse i've wanted to punch in the throat.

who sucks more - paris hilton or the chicks that read perezhilton.com?

here's an option...



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I disagree... naturally, the more money you make, the more you reward yourself for your efforts and treat yourself to nicer things.

From a guys point-of-view, when he starts working, he'll get himself a Toyota or Nissan but 5 or 6 years into his career, he'll be able to afford a Benz or BMW. By the time he's readu to retire, he'll look back at the work he's done in his life and treat himself to a Ferrari or Porsche.

I think women are exactly the same. They just have different likes. Just because you spend €1,500 on a bag doesn't mean you don't drop that same amount for charity as well. Most of the people I know who spend a lot for luxury items also give a lot and make many other people happy. It's a medium that everyone in my country understands.

But if you think they're assholes, you're completely entitled to your opinion. Just want to show you the other side of the spectrum. :)



cultural difference, dude. some makes it... some spends it, some retains it. john calvin and ben franklin are toastin' marshmallows in my backyard. over in another part of town, they're pulling escalades and jags through the macdonalds drive through. allrighty, then.


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Then again, I have absolutely no problem with a woman buying a bag that costs that much. Men's toys are computers, TV's, home theatre, cars, bikes, boats and such. So a couple of hundred or thousand dollars for a bag is very reasonable.

Boo ... computers are girls toys too :p - my husband could care less ... of course, hes into boats, surfboards, fishing/diving gear, jetskis ...