Adieu .. Adieu ..


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parting is such sweet sorrow ...
To ease the pain I will have some beer ...
alas, I will be hanging tomorrow...

have a good night all!
and at 3am, with a desktop of hdd formatting programs, i too must take my leave

goodnight all, i may be on early tomorrow, if not then see you in a couple of days, if all the re-install goes well :)
Welcome back to OTCentral, and it seems I'll be filling in for the next half hour or so until someone shows up to kick me out, but before I begin bombarding everyone with spam, we'll take a commercial break. Hey, don't complain about me hosting the show for a while, it beats the alternative: The Best of Squeeze. :D
my brain is screwed today, you would beat me easy in chess.

**less beer and the brain will start to work properly**
according to justin's post-time, he sent that at 4.38am, i've not changed any settings so i think its right.
mornin' y'all ..

it'll take me a moment to get myelf together here this morning ... then I'll get started on the "I intend to take over ris as the 'sloppy-whore-bucket-post-monger'" stuff :D