Anti-abortionists sing "Amazing Grace" while pro-abortionists chant "Hail Satan."

Were the pro-abortionists serious?

  • Yes, they were serious; and they do worship satan.

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • No, they were just brainfucking the anti-abortion crowd.

    Votes: 3 60.0%

  • Total voters
the perfect choice in response to a bunch of childish, literalist fools who typically use grand and ridiculous language.

you blab on about 'abortion holocaust' and i give you satan.

when you act like an adult, maybe i'll treat you like one.
Agree with the woman's right to chose, or not, there are a whole lotta dead holocaust is not entirely inaccurate
ha ha that's funny gonz. yep it's really a bad thing to have your body taken over by someone else isn't it?

but hey rape babies were made by god too, so who's to argue???

and certainly who is to argue with your 'holocaust' drama?

shit we should even punish women for menstruation. that was a baby right there that just got flushed with a tampon.