Armageddon: What Democrats Are Hiding & ....

awww, poor nobody. i can pay my bills just fine. is not being able to pay bills the big bad govt's fault, or is it personal responsibility? you kinda sound like a commie here.
three trillion wasn't enough

yer supposed to give ‘em five bucks???
I usually spit at them and yell out obscene epithets
Karamelldansen =or= Caramel Dance is a new fangled group dance somewhat like the hokey-pokey in its day, only more international and often with some type of costume. -- It's a meme.

Last year at the Sadie Hawkins dance it was quiet on the dance floor for the first few songs. I got the DJ to play CaramellDansen off my daughters iPod and the party got started. Most any place you have several hundred young people in costumes you'll get quite a turn out when you play the song.

wiki'a'plains Caramelldansen



Just for Winky ;)

'come on BoP!
I'm hearing credible rumors that there is a political revolt brewing in the Democratic party. THat Obama and Pelosi are going to be tossed under the bus along with the radical lefty's who have hi-jacked the party since 2006. Even the Rats were surprised and are tired of Obama;s bull-shit.

Supposedly they are going to attempt their own Tea Party type of remake and move more centered toward a a pro-American position. Also that the Clintons are trying to position themselves to be major players but that not all of the conspirators want them involved.

I think it's a good thing that there are Dems willing to break toward the principals of Americana. My question is will this create a split of radicals to a 3rd party?
Allllrighty then...
We're starting the final orbit.
Time to saddle up, and hunker down, and get ready for re-entry.

KICK THEM TIRES, and Stomp on the gas!