Avatar the movie

I can see why the lefty's were writing bad reviews for this BEFORE they even saw it.

Really? I didn't even suspect that you would make up even trivial shit. I expected you to at least link to one lefty that did that and maybe you were making another weird generalization.

But no, you make up weird fiction even about the smallest things. I think you've said you did a bunch of Meth for awhile. How long exactly? How much?

You're not going to shock me.
I thought it was stupid and in no way lived up to the hype. Yes, I saw it in IMAX. Six tons of eye candy can't make up for an inane and utterly predictable storyline.
Yes, the story was certainly not very deep. I felt the 3D was top notch, though and the visuals were stunning. Unfortunately, now every other movie out of Hollywood is being converted to 3D as an after thought, which is subpar to a movie that was filmed specifically for 3D. How disappointing.