How about: bacon-flavored turkey-based imitation bacon food product? :lloyd:

No, the words "bacon" and "turkey" should not be used to describe the same food product...unless it's like, turkey wrapped in bacon (real pork bacon that is).
Couldn't agree more nix. Although some people have it in their heads that "turkey bacon" is in fact just a healthy form of bacon. They aren't even in the same universe. I really want to find the person who invented it (had to be a woman as no man would try and substitute anything for real bacon) and smack them around.
Just another example of the manufacturers using psychology to hook the customers into using something unhealthy... and don't we always fall for it?
a) I could maybe see bacon salt being good on some recently deep fried chips.
b) Montreal Steak spice is NOT da bomb. *puke*
sounds like every other heath scare to avoid red meat & eat more vegetables