blizzard of the month


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Anyone tried one?

It was alright but I think I'll stick to them frozen, straight from the sleeve.
I would like to try that...although my DQ is no longer open.

We have 3 thin mints left in the freezer. I should have kept a few more boxes.
That should be a simple question to answer, but it isn't.

Ours have two types of cookies they sell. Something approaching the 'thin mints' comes out in the fall, and in spring they get these oreo clone cookies. That's it, and that's all, and neither is really worth the $4 a box they charge. Add to that, V2.0 being too old for guides this year ... and I'm definitely in the market.
Now I want DQ. Maybe mint oreo is in order (since our blizzard of the month is brownie batter...ick)
mmm skor blizzard and a nice little walk to go with it (Dairy Queen in walking distance is DANGEROUS)