Brown Bagging it


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I'm a US 'Citizen', and 'Brown Bag' it most days.

Now for those who don't know what I'm talking about.
A Citizen is : "a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it"

Brown bagging it means, bringing a sack lunch to work. usually with a sandwich in it, and maybe
a desert of some kind if a person can afford it.

Gay means "Happy"
If you mean Homosexual, Say so.

So what words stick you in the gut that socialists are trying to change the meaning of?
patriotism. them libs are trying to make it about fucking trees and beaver pelts and shit. fuck those little commie nutsacks.
loving america, of course. what kind of silly question is that? real question is what needs to be done, like getting rid of those immigrants, fags, muslims, and others that aren't real americans if you know what i mean. if it weren't for all them i probably would have done a lot better in life, but now it's unfairly stacked against honest, white christian guys like me. if it weren't for all of them, i probably would have graduated high school and become a millionaire.
nah i ain't got no trouble with catholics. plus the klan just don't do much anymore these days. if'n i was to 'get active' i would wanna GET ACTIVE if you know what i mean.

why do you ask these questions? you make negative statement about socialists, you are a real american too i assume. you should understand these thinks already.

wait, are you a MAC USER?

dammit, now i got jism on my shoe again.
That's the quickest I've ever seen you drive someone out of this place. We have a new record.
lol, I saw several people only post once, and never come back.
Some just don't have the tolerance.
There days I don't even feel like coming here myself. I do
enjoy mixing it up periodically though.
Getting into it here helps me keep my forum cooler when I feel the need the shitstir a little.
That's the quickest I've ever seen you drive someone out of this place. We have a new record.

he was obviously another imaginary commie and fag-bashing dipshit bigot. who didn't like it when his own kind of thinking was mocked in full bloom.

BTW, how's the homosexual agenda working out dude?
so then two women can control you?

must do a lot to man's self-image to be controlled by a split tail.
she's obviously a cover wife. how could anyone wanna jiggle their jimmy in that? her ass is like three kilometers tall.