Buy/Sell/Trade rules


New Member
You are allowed to list hardware items for sale/trade in the Science and Technology forum, but there are a few conditions and rules.

1) OTC takes no responsibility for either side of any transaction. We offer no warrantees, no guarantees, no mediation, and no recourse. Any goods and resulting payments are the sole responsibility of the members involved. Trade at your own risk.

2) No member will have more than 3 active sale posts at a time - this isn't ebay.

3) No more than 5 items per sale post - see rule 2.

4) Once an item has been listed, please keep any offers or further negotiations to private messages or e-mail. No dickering in public forums.

5) Once your item has been sold, please say so in the listing thread.

6) OTC reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. We also reserve the right to disallow trading at any time.

Happy trading.