CNN anchor Rick Sanchez fired for saying CNN is run by Jews


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Listen to the interview that got him axed and you will hear an angry young man who needed to get his comeuppance.

He called Jon Stewart bigot as well.


Jon Stewart Rips Rick Sanchez in 'Daily Show' Monologue

Published October 05, 2010 | Associated Press

Rick Sanchez has yet to comment on his abrupt departure from CNN on Thursday.

But Jon Stewart has had no problem expressing himself on the matter.

Stewart gleefully struck back Monday night at the former CNN host who was fired after calling him a bigot.

In his opening spot on "The Daily Show," Stewart told his Comedy Central audience that, after taping last Thursday's edition, he had heard Rick Sanchez interviewed on a radio program.

"I think Jon Stewart's a bigot," Sanchez was heard declaring in the taped replay.

"Omigod!" Stewart glowed from his anchor desk. "Rick Sanchez knows my name!"