Cooking...A lost art?

Dang. I just thought my family was bad.

Mom stayed at home cooking, cleaning, babysitting, etc, until I was in my late teens. The house was always clean. Dinner was standard country cooking, featuring lots of beans and green veggies that were cooked down to pulp and seasoned with pork fat. I can't say she taught me any of those skills, though. I was a guy, and guys didn't do that stuff.

The dysfunctional part was my dad, who worked his ass off all day but then medicated himself with whiskey as soon as he got off work. Alcohol enhanced his worst qualities: anger, jealousy, pettiness, violence, etc. If he had lived somewhere else and simply mailed us the check, it could have been an idyllic childhood.

Mom probably should have left him, but her mom went through five different husbands and she didn't want to follow in her footsteps. I used to think she was being a doormat, but now I realize that she was just stubborn.
I hear ya Ards, and can relate. :)

I'm the youngest of four, my mom never really taught any of us how to cook and by the time I was of an age to do things myself, meals came out of a box more often than being cooked from scratch. Later on, she started working and I would just fend for myself when I got home. My favorite was macaroni and cheese. :D

As an adult, anyone can learn to cook so the fault is really my own. I don't mind though! :)
We have a Fanny Farmer cookbook that I pull out when I don't know how to cook something. That's where I got the recipe for the glaze I used on that ham. Jan's much better about getting recipes out of books and following them than I am, though. Usually I just wing it. The kind of things I typically cook it's easy to get away with that. :)
I love cooking ... its the cleaning up after thats a bitch. The only frozen food I can handle is eggos. TV dinners and the like are very no.

I can also bake from scratch too :D
My roommate is gonna make us peanit butter cookies from scratch when she gets better!!!:D
Tonight I'm making chicken salad with walnuts, pineapple and dill weed, accompanied by a tossed salad with balsamic vinegrette and homemade croutons. Yum. :)
Tonight's menu....

Mexi-corn casserole (with yellow rice)
Black-eyed peas
Fresh, steamed spinach with butter
Jiffy cornbread

Ooooooooooffff..... I think I hurt myself. :crap:
I'm grilling a dozen Brats with onions and peppers. It was for yesterday but I never got around to it.....
I had a NY Strip with homefries today.:)

...a dozen brats?? thatsa lotta brats:eek:
Hey, do they throw out the silverware too? or just the pots and pans?

Cuz, if they throw out the silverware, I think you should hide some for you and buy them a whole buncha chopsticks! The cheep-o kind like the restaurants use.
I spent over $100 on silverware 4 months ago and I'm down to a makeshift service for three.....It never ends.....They throw out new dish towels after one use...Strange children, these.......:crying3: