Cozy little cottage for sale


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For only $22,000,000

For the seriously high rollers . . .

9 Bedrooms
14 Bathrooms
5 Half Bath(s)

Features include: 11 fireplace(s), 16 garages, .7 mile private drive, two par-three golf holes, 3,500 square foot golf green, a golf simulator

Interior features include: 19 theater seats and a 3,200-bottle wine cellar.
Amenities include: and an indoor pool and spa.

38,000 approximate square feet. 8 buildings.

210 acre lot.
First I'd have to get the staff to approve the staff quarters. They have standards, you understand.
Third one is reeeeediculous. 9 bedrooms and only 14 bathrooms? Suppose I become, dare-I-say, incontinent in my old age! :eek5:
In the land o' plenty, those words take on slightly elevated meanings.
So not only do you want the house but you want the cash it takes to actually run the motherfucker? Dream on, there Gonz...dream on.
Scarier are the maintenence fees. You need twice the amount of the sale price just to keep these monsters going for just a couple of years.

Though it would be nice to blast a dookie in one bathroom, wash up in the second and dry hands in the third.