Get ready for the redistribution of your retirement account

you being caught up on entry level shit like fags ensures that you will never be taken seriously by the market.

what are you investing in these days?
For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
I alternate between the ridiculous and the sublime

the underlying theme remains the same

the blue state caucasian metrosexuals will be the first to go,
chewed to pieces by the slimey hordes of mud people they so adored
while us supposed dipshits lounge in our paradise!
ok not really we are going to burn in fiery pits of Hell
right along with all you sodomites!

He can't stop it. He only sets it up to fall apart.

with his magical powers?

the correct conclusion is not that he is actually trying to kill the goose, but he does think it has magical powers. and will shit out endless golden eggs.

lame understanding of economics, not satanic intent. continually asserting the latter makes one seem like a toothless, superstitious, sister-fucking swamp dweller.
I've been told from some guys from the Shah era Iran that heterosexual sodomy
was the preferred method of birth control in the ME. Dunno if it's really true or not but
it makes the whole anti-homosexual because of sodomy thing moot, doens't it?
yeah not so sure about all that sodomy stuff. maybe plooking is all the rage in bahrain. saudi arabia does have a pretty hard core gay scene. eeeew.
there are plenty of homos everywhere. given that your preferences, how do you think you compare to homos as far as depravity?