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Ice cream cone cupcakes! Thanks for the idea, they came out well.

I made the for the Pre-K Halloween party tomorrow.
Wait! I think they are cheaper than regular ones too...I mean as far as using the decorative paper cup things those go for what? $2.99? The generic cones were a buck something.
The cones also make it easier to ice because you have a nice handle to hold on to for leverage and you don't have to worry about smushing the cake and if you want sprinkles you can just upturn the cone in a bowl of sprinkles.
I may never go back.
No link. Mix up batter according to directions on box. Spoon into flat bottom cones about 1/2 to 3/4's full. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. You can use muffin tins but I found cake pans to be easier.

I went hunting for cake mix and there was a recipe for those things on the box! Now if I find halloween sprinkles tomorrow, I'll be damn lucky!
Yeah, I may use this idea again for this year's Octoberfest as I think 2nd grade gets asked for cupcakes and cookies.

I used to hate taking those to bake sales at school. Not because they wouldn't move. They hauled ass, and I was always the first sold out. But then the teachers would saddle me with trying to sell off the dry store bought chocolate chip cookies that some dork's mom bought in a 5lbs bag and nobody wanted. Instead of being first done, I would wind up last away from the table, leaving it full and looking like I didn't do anything .... and I never, ever managed to get one for myself.
Bill Steele said:
They're made out of sugar, butter and flour
You put 'em in the oven bout a quarter hour
But the thing that gives them their magic power
Are the chocolate chips inside...