horror movies.


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I don't like horror movies. They give me urges. Sometimes those urges are really hard to control.

Maybe I've said too much.


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12 years old, The Shining on TV, in 4 parts, late in the evening, winter. Scared the hell out of me.


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thanks for all the imput, i was watchn the mothman profecies (thats spelld wrong), i dont kno if it was me just not paying attention or if it realy didnt make sense.


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Scanty wrote:
The blair witch project scared me
That's because you have imagination. The movie sets up a situation where your mind is forced to envision what you regard as evil. What could be more horrific then that?
I thought it was a very good film although most people i know were dissapointed. But i don't think most people got this one. Best of all, Front242 & Skinny Puppy did the soundtrack.


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fury said:
why would they get kicked in the nuts? ive had my hand up a womans skirt before and frenched women neither got me introuble.
You did that to a complete stranger?


scanty wrote:
the blair witch scared me i know im gay

no your not. many people were scared. hell when i saw it i was in NC and people looked at me funny when i said i live in md and had my tats there. happened again in hawaii when my parents and my sis and i all went. people thought it was based on a true story and also on some legend so they were scared. b/c im from md and my sis and brother in law used to live close to the town, i knew it was all bs and laughed at the movie. actully where i go to school some of the people who made the first one actully went here. it was really cool when they lectured my media appreciation class.


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RD_151 said:
I probably liked Event Horizon the best for horror. I know, its scifi/horror

it still counts as ling as its horror. oh yea i also liked predator that was great too.

Aunty Em

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It's a very long time since I was frightened by a movie (my friends say that I'm abnormal) but probably "Alien" - the timing was just right so it did make me jump a few times - but none of the sequels or anything more modern than that, although I do appreciate the effect movies like "The Blair Witch" have on other people - I usually end up laughing at them.