Hot dogs for dinner

Last night was fresh pan roasted asparagus, cheddar bratwurst, and a fancy salad.

Tonight was phesen joon... a fruity persian chicken and rice dish.
I made homemade macaroni and cheese. The boys had hot dogs with it, I had just the mac and cheese, and Paul had just sausage on a bun.
Shake N Bake pork chops (Gawd I am SSSOOOOOO married) with homecanned green beans and some mac n cheese, with biscuits.
Ayup. The other sure fire give away of the walking married.

Shake N Bake and Hamburger Helper. Add Manwich to the list, and you can't even lie about being single...
Hamburger helper is a box of pasta and seasonings meant to add a particular flavor... add your own hamburger (and usually milk too). There are flavors such as lasagna, stroganoff, etc. It's quick, easy to make and generally tasty enough. The sodium is a little on the high side, though.

Manwich is sauce you mix with hamburger meat, then put on bread/buns to make sloppy joe sandwiches.

Shake and Bake is, as far as I understand (never got to try that one growing up), a sort of instnat breading you can use to put on chicken or pork, then you stick it in the oven.
I've never quite understood the instant pasta sauces & boxed pasta; it's really easy & quick to make your own from scratch. :confused: