How can this be?

they were not in iraq until we created a power vacuum.

are you now asserting that AQ had a noteworthy presence BEFORE we showed up? would you like to revisit your prior flip-flopping on the issue?
Sure, show some flip flops. You might want to bring a lunch, it'll be a long day looking for those.

I'm asserting nothing. I'm just wondering when the story changed.
so what story was that gonz? cat got your tongue?

(prepares for flippant bullshit due to inability to articulate...)
what don't you get? the story has always been there, and obvious.

1. no AQ in iraq, saddam is head thug.
2. saddam out of power, AQ steps into power vacuum to fight the infidels.
3. US suppresses AQ in iraq. fucks 'em up.
4. US power decreases. iraqis incompetent. another power vacuum. AQ presence increases.

lather, rinse...

gee, maybe we should just go for a third invasion. hey at least this time we would actually be going after people connected to 9/11. sort of.
yer all mixed up minx we are on their side now

in this new government dependent world
I thought being dumb was a decided advantage?
for those that find mediocrity satisfying enough, sure. but they seem to gravitate toward that anyway. under any system. just ask your local teamsters about their ambitions. they have none. they are just a bunch of recalcitrant assholes.

maybe you should stop whining and grow some balls?

how can YOU profit from the shitheads?
yer right about that, there's a virtually unlimited degree of opportunity to profit from them in this obamanation economy
absolutely. soon gonz and many of his brethren in inertia will need scooters. funded by obamacare. time to find me a token darkie or woman to "own" my scooter distributorship and get to the front of the line for those neat-o gubmint contracts.
Troops are still getting killed in Afghanistan often, and you hear very little,
if anything, about whats going on over there.
IMHO there should be daily news updates, ans several times a day.
Instead most networks are focusing on stupid shit, and partisan political bullshit.