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Ohy noez, half-dome rock is shedding layers of solid granite, Yosemite's is at threat!!11eleventy. Did you know Yosemite was carved by a glacier, I wonder where it went?


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Temperatures in the past have been warmer than they are now, or what they are projected to become, and there are still glaciers and polar bears.

Did glaciers and polar bears fail to survive the last global maximum which, I reiterate, was warmer than today?

If they failed to survive the last maximum then where did they come from today? Did space aliens recreate them for us after they became extinct?

If they managed to survive the last maximum then where's the problem?

If people are the cause of GW; how did fewer people, who did not have mechanized transportation or coal fired power plants, cause the last global maximum?

If the climate models are as accurate as you believe them to be; why can't they "predict" accurately climate events which have already occurred? Does it not seem reasonable to believe that if the models are accurate that they could align with historical events? Yet they don't, and they can't, and you actually believe the data.


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If we still have some polar bears and some glaciers there's no problem? :laugh:

There was apparently no problem for them during the last global maximum. Why would there be a problem now?

I notice that you avoided the rest of the post.


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