It ain't Irish Spring

gee gonz how long do ya think it'll be until the whole fucking region becomes something like osama bin laden's wettest dream?
Irish Spring, gets a strong man fresh

I'm just glad my kid isn't going to get shipped overseas
and die on one of the many battlefields that will erupt
as a direct result of Osambo's shenanigans.

right. this is all gonna go bad because the media mentioned one of our little buddy's panic words.

The party is generally described as socially centrist with mild support for economic liberalism. The party wishes to revise the strong secular, Arab nationalist, and socialist principles that predominate among the other parties, and instead allow Islam into public life and be more accommodating to other viewpoints such as closer relations with the West and greater economic freedom. The party currently rejects radical Islamism as a form of governance appropriate for Tunisia; in a debate with a secular opponent Al-Ghannushi stated, “Why are we put in the same place as a model that is far from our thought, like the Taliban or the Saudi model, while there are other successful Islamic models that are close to us, like the Turkish, the Malaysian and the Indonesian models; models that combine Islam and modernity?”[23]
yer not foolin' anyone
we know yer just messin' with us
we know you know better
sure, just wait until the egyptian government declares sharia the one law of the land. should happen real soon. why, you could start holding your breath right now!
you miss the point. let them flower into whatever they will. because we'll solve our energy problem, right? we won't need to rely on those fuckers in a few years... let them descend into whatever they may. they'll only have themselves to blame this time. and that might be an interesting change. well, unless they are just career whiners like them tea party fags. well, there certainly are many other resemblances, so...
Energy worries a thing of the past!

I knew it, you were in on it with those evil car companies
when they stole Smokey Yunick's carburetor that let cars run on water!
Behold the harvest of the Arab Spring: attacks contemporaneous if not coordinated on the U.S. embassy
in Cairo, Egypt, and the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of September 11
yeah they all must be working together. 'cause they're all the same, per the oriental scholar jim peel.

what's more striking than the few attacks that have happened is the number that have not. you guys can go limp and cry wolf all you want, or rather as you must given your unenviable condition as self-emasculated white males with no hope for the future. but it ain't gonna change the future for me. got a line on some beachfront property on the gulf of sidra... should be sweet. maybe some of khadafi's former elite female guard will take care of me. ummmm, momma... she got a mouth like a truck and an ass like donkey, but all warm and drippy.

do ya need to see the Kaddafi corpse pictures too?

attacks that haven't happened?
Now that is exactly what I'd expect from a emasculated white liberal male.

When all hell breaks loose as direct result of Obambo's foreign policy failures
on Mitt's watch, I know you'll be the first to decry his war mongering ways.

FDR/Truman gave us the cold war and North Korea, General Eisenhower kept
things quiet and what do ya know JFK gets in office and we get the Cuban missile
crisis and the Vietnam war which Nixon has to clean up. Reagan has to get the
hostages out and win the cold war. The twin towers get bombed Clinton does nothng
the USS Cole nothing multiple opportunities to get Osama nothing GW single handedly
wins the war on terror and that’s why there’s been no more 9-11’s
Four measly years of the mulatto and the middle east is in the middle of a Spring.
Last time a Republican was in office and the Libyans pulled some shit he went all
top gun on his ass.
Betcha Hussein does absolutely nothing about this (unless you count sending 50 Marines an adequate response).

Yup one day we are all racist homophobic right wing fascists declaring a war on women
the next we are self-emasculated white guys.

I'd expect nothing less from a mind effected by the mental disorder known as Liberalism.

I wonder what kind of a war mongering hawk Romney is going to be?
Yup one day we are all racist homophobic right wing fascists declaring a war on women the next we are self-emasculated white guys.

exactly. you are both of those at the same time. they are symptomatic of one another. obvious common theme - feelings of inadequacy. the government is killing you. so are negroes. and liberals. and muslims. and your wife owns yer dick. and more.


why it's almost a tautology.

"if you weren't such a pussy... you wouldn't be such a pussy."
"yeah man i love cock. run at me with that shit."

those idiots you're citing would nuke the entire world within minutes if they had the chance. they're fucking morons, blowhards, and likely very sexually unsatisfied. obama is handling this shit fine. if an R were in office you and the blowhards would be clapping, even if the R said/did nothing about the situation.
That ain't so and you know it
a Republican would be all about killin' someone
even if its the wrong guy(s)

Osambo hasn't handled ANYTHING fine in the last four years!

die moosie sympathizers DIE