Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' already outpacing Glenn Beck's rally

Big enough for a rally although I'm not sure what this rally was about.


Certainly more people than any BBQ I've had at my house.
It's political satire.

He's very funny. I did not get to see it because i don't watch TV. I heard it was quite a crowd.
Well yea. CBS reports that Beck had 87,000 & this guy had half a billion or something
87,000, yes.

215,000 is what CBS said about Stewarts.

I might aggree with their estimate on Stewart. They are only off by 400,000 or so on Becks.
I'm surprised at the numbers. I checked other sites, they all say about the same thing you did here. I wonder if more people showed up to Jon Stewart's rally than Beck's rally because they were expecting it to be entertaining. Entertainment often trumps politics.

It could also be that Beck just doesn't draw the crowds that were expected. :shrug: I know that I am not interested at all in what Beck says, so this would not be surprising to me.
The photographic evidence belies the numbers. Beck's rally was definitely larger. Of course, CBS would say the same thing even if Beck had had everyone sign a guest book showing there were nearly a half million participants.