Mercy killing


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Hey guys,

Have you ever had to mercy kill an animal before? My workplace recently put down glue traps, and we found a mouse stuck on it - its legs are broken and its face is ripped off from struggling. What would be the most humane and painless way to put the little critter out of its misery?

One of my co-workers told me just to dump it in the trash. That's all sorts of f-ed up, and unnecessarily cruel. Leaving it to die slowly from starvation just doesn't sit right with me. It's actually pretty disturbing people do that with these glue traps. Personally I'd use a snap trap so it dies quickly and there's no fuss, but there's something horrific about watching another animal slowly die stuck in glue. :(


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rats are easy.
A pet like a dog, now that's hard.
anyway IMO the most human for the average is to
'thump' um in the back of the head, kinda like a cow.
You have to find a hard stick or a rod, golf club...