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Has anyone heard of MMS?

It seems to be the new buzzword (pun-tastic!) in mobile phones in Greece, anyway...

Seems to be some sort of picture form of SMS (text message).

Was wondering if it'd be worth my while investing in a phone that does it, seeing as I've to get one anyway.
I read about that on lycos, seems to be some way of sending multimedia messages, but to be honest: I don't care at all. What's the point? Couldn't they just change the 160-character limit on SMS messages instead? (I know most phones today can automatically spread a long message over multiple message, but that way you still get charged for each seperate part).

Just as WAP basically failed, I don't think MMS is gonna be really popular either. We've got I-mode here too, which can load normal internet pages, but the rates are just bizarre and the screens are waaaay too small. Nah, just give me a laptop with a huge screen, useable keyboard and a wireless internet connection :headbang: