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Am going to make the switch from cable to ADSL. We call the phone company who provides ADSL and ask them to sign us up. They take our info and tell us they'll hook us up on Wednesday of next week. Then eventually, after taking all our info and asking us every damn question imaginable, they say "oops, our computer system is down. Call back tomorrow when its working."

We called back today, and asked to sign up. They ask us all the same crap again and tell us they'll hook us up on Monday. Then she goes and check something, and says "Sorry, we don't have any available ports at the moment. We'll have to put you on our waiting list. Someone will call you when we have one available."

And they tell us this right AFTER we called to cancel our cable internet service. Therefore, I am net-less at the end of the month. :mad:

They even told us yesterday that we'd be getting a free modem rental. And today the story was "you have to buy the modem package for $70."

In case you're wondering what blundering spacktards I'm talking about, it's TELUS :anifingr:


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cant you just call the cable people back and say "never mind, we'll keep the cable"?


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I did that once, my old dial up was Socket, they had a Genious idea to start limiting me to 100 hours a month, and charging a ridiculous amount thereafter, so I told em off, told em what pieces of shit they were, whole thing, must have pissed them off, cause they disabled my email within 3 minutes. Anyway, I had signed up with fidnet dialup, but tried for 2 weeks to get things configured to their service, never could, they blamed me, I blamed and still blame thier servers, but anyway, 2 weeks later had to call Socket back to get them back. Most groveling I've ever done but they were real cordial with me. Now I have Fidnet DSL and have never had a problem. :shrug:


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PuterTutor said:
2 weeks later had to call Socket back to get them back. Most groveling I've ever done

I only have 2 broadband providers in my city and I guess neither are worthy of my business. The cable company's service is unreliable, and the phone company lies, wastes our time, and won't even give us service till who knows when. I should start my own ISP when I'm done college... just to drive them out of business. :bgking: