open poll: favo(u)rite type of cake

how can you make me choose!! :(

Turtles cake...a torte with all the turtles ingredients - chocolate, caramel and pecans :choclate: :licklips:
Gato_Solo said:
Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing...Talk about heaven... :headbang:

yum :licklips: a restaurant 5 minutes away from my house serves the BESTEST red velvet cake with cream cheese icing ... they make it fresh every Friday ... ooh, what luck, that's today!!

Sometimes I like chocolate with chocolate icing and sometimes i like Vanilla with vanilla icing.

depends on my mood.

I don't like the two mixed though...
Boob cakes are kinda cool to look

However, I don't eat sweets much, but when I have to choose "cakes", I choose "Cheesecake".

Not one of those dry-ass "New York style" types, but one like my Momma makes w/ Phille cream cheese, powdered sugar, canned cherries or blueberries & graham cracker crust!.............Rock On! :)