Pick your kids up from school and get arrested


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This guy went to pick up his kids from school and because he was walking instead of driving he was disallowed from picking them up. They tried to get him to sign a form; but the form is for allowing the kids to walk home unattended. He was there to pick them up and walk them home in his care.

If the kids are being picked up by a parent in a car, they can go home at 2pm. But if they are walking they have to stay until 2:35 before they can leave. The video shows the line of cars and it is, as this guy stated, about a half mile long.

He was quite reasonable and tried to explain that state law supersedes and cancels the local district policy but the school resource officer would have none of it. He insisted on having his kids released to him and for that insistence he was arrested for being "disorderly."

I actually donated a few bucks to his defense fund.



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I watched that. The school was wrong. The cop was unreasonable. The parent was a PITA.
However, it is his kid(s)


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