Police enter home without search warrant

birchers are just assholes. nativist, boring, unimaginative assholes. may they all rot in hell.

paulbots certainly do not lack imagination, and not all of them are raging xenophobes... just a lot of them...

both are all about victimization narratives, which gives you a lot of common ground with them buddy.

your wife, sanjay, hafez, julio, and ling-ling are all dragging you down, brother. hah...

be happy. eat some leaves.

My wife, sanjay, hafez, julio, and ling-ling are to blame?
I just don't get it, they aren't elected officials are they?
Haven't you been paying any attention for the last 10 years
Guess not, cain't really fault you though
cuz after all yer justa


it all started long before you were born
you can't be expected to understand


just stick with what you know

one man's effort to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy will lead to an epic battle with hidden forces that control the world