Prop 19: Marijuana Legalization Gets its Number in California

Yeah, and the feds should stay out of it, just like they should stay out of AZ's law making.

Of coarse I haven't heard if they are going to bring a law suit to try to say
Ca can't do prop19 for the same reason as in Az.
Don't know, but since prop19 fell there's no way to know now. It would have been interesting to watch the state vs federal control situation unfold. Now we won't get to see that, at least in California.

BTW, there were other states with the same initiatives on the ballots. I wonder how they fared. Since we didn't hear much about them I assume they also failed.

If AZ wants to secure it's borders there shouldn't be any problem. There is already Federal laws that support that. The problem lies in the wording and in the actions that are taken. It's a thin line to walk to stay within the jurisdiction of the State and not make laws that interfere with Federal laws.

For example, California can still refuse to provide assistance to Federal drug enforcement authorities. That would not interfere with Federal law, it would simply not assist with enforcing that law. There's a big difference. Drug raids and the like have always been the burden of the Feds. Without local assistance it makes the Feds' job much harder.
That guy kinda looks like a young Ronald Reagan. Is this where Reaganomics came from? ;)
You're thinking of Clintonomics. You know, the one where they said we were in the black....

How can you talk about black and white when we live
in a sea of gray? Or brown, if you are in Arizona...
Where I live is pretty sweet.
You live in sweet West Hollywood or the sweet Castro district?
You live in Fresno's district. :laugh:
Um , no I don't live near Fresno. But my mistake; Vidak ran for the 20th which does include Fresno.

90% happy? -- So I suppose you have some sadness over the prop 19/dope measure that didn't pass. ....far more sadness than you have for the 40k Mexicans that have died to support your dope addiction. Head-off.jpg to your being part of the problem
Bring back Prop 187!

So if I move to Cali can I stay high all the time?
On the taxpayers dime?
Nope?!? Why not? We've had an open border with California in the past.
I've crossed it many times, they used to ask if you have
any fruits or vegetables (I guess that had to many in the land of fruits and nuts)
now they just ask if I'm an American!

If anything they should try to start an East German kinda thing
to stop the worthwhile people from fleeing
from trying to flee that sinking socialist ship.

yeah how's the cocaine supply there are all the Hollyweird type hoggin' it?
We've had an open border with California in the past.
I've crossed it many times, they used to ask if you have
any fruits or vegetables

Yeah, they grow a lot of crops here which could be ruined of you bring in insects and whatnot.

Not sure what your point was.
More than three hundred fifty thousand of them left
things are noticeably better for sure.