Sarah Palin Readies Bus Tour Amid 2012 Speculation


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the chatboard post heard round the world

yer rough and ready talkin' is changin' the werld

We sleep safe in our beds as a result


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Re: the chatboard post heard round the world

yer rough and ready talkin' is changin' the werld

We sleep safe in our beds as a result
I think you're becoming to dependent on others there pal.

Yeah, I'd say our efforts are making a big difference, 2010. We believe in the constitutional system of Government. If the federal republic falls into tyranny , we just keep following the constitution, there are provision for everything.



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the song remains the same

there you go, that 2010 landslide victory has really had a noticeable effect

as much effect as any gains will have in 2012

If you think Obamacare is ever going to be repealed I've got a bridge to sell you


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I'm presenting verifiable facts from sources like Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Bureau of Labor statistics, and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
QE2 ends on June 30th, what do you suppose will happen then?

Tell me what you know about "Quantitative Easing" and I'll see if I can make this easy for you.



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why in the name of sweet Jesus
would you ask that dopehead?

Some of us have paid attention the last 3
times we saw this movie, trust me
it always ends the same way.



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Sarah Palin is so 2008

It's all a right wing Christian militia conspiracy I's tells ya's


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OH HELL NO!!!! I'm surrounded by Amish. The only thing they'll do is beat you with a hammer or bore you to death.


my hands are kinda rough from assembling shit that was very poorly designed from a mechanical standpoint.


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Like I said, you cannot honesty present any metric that show an economic success by this administration.

Seriously, do you start to have actual vision problems when you see something factual that doesn't fit your fantasy world? That's pretty amazing. It's like your eyes and brain suffer a tantrum, you go into full denial of reality, an then there's just this "huuuuurrrrrrrr duuuurrrrrrr....I'll try trolling again....maybe it'll work this time".

Focus your eyes and relax:





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You dropped it because using your own logic against you left you nowhere to go except to throw a temper tantrum like a child and scream "idiot! hurrr durrr" in you impotent rage.
You're simply insane. You swallow like a useful idiot does.

Obama slammed at liberal conference

As President Obama shifts increasingly into reelection mode, he is feeling persistent anger and discontent from the left as well as the right.White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer was heckled and booed Friday at the annual Netroots Nation conference in Minnesota, a gathering of liberal activists from the online political community. When Mr. Pfeiffer reminded the audience that the president championed an equal-pay law, the moderator replied, “Frankly we’re a little sick of hearing about that one.”


Seems your behind the times again. Even your people are waking up (not you though)

meanwhile...across town. -- who won the republican debate? - The TeaParty

You still have no answer if a bad economy and rising oil prices are controlled by the president and mean they are unsuccessful as you said -> both these things happened under Bush -> Bush was an unsuccessful president.
Most certainly the influences opf presidential policies can have a major influence prices. The more dangerous a president is the more influence the policies have.

This president is a fucktard and has everyone pissed and scared. So yeah, obama seems to be having a negitive effect despite all the artificial counter measures he has taken. He's a commie who hates America, like you, what do you expect.

Can you show me where the numbers come from? I can't seen to find any supporting documents, it's appears to be made up by the Dem leadership. In fact all the information I can find says we're going in to a depression. Losing 2 millions jobs seems to indicate the porkulus has failed miserably.

Let's again come up to present time...The market? It will equilibrate once the manipulation stops, it will just be more painful.QE2 ends soon, pucker time.

Yeah, that [110th] trajectory didn't change much.

But can you show me the budgets of Pelosi's 110th congress. (the 111th under Pelosi too, ...while your at it -- FY2008-2011)

Actually they had completely different policies. Bush had a policy of not finding him:
Seems bush policies provided the intel lead to the kill. How's that gitmo policy going for you? Iraq troops, 2 new wars etc. Obama has absorbed ALL the credit for the Osama kill despite the facts. It's OK though, he has to have something positive from his tenure for history.

Whats funny about Libya is that according to Obama: Pearl Harbor wasn't an act of war by the Japanese.