Search engines that don't track you


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Now that we all know that the government is tracking our Internet search requests there is something that you can do to protect yourself from being tracked. In fact there are several somethings.

Google, Bing, et al keep what is called metadata on those who use their services. That would include your IP Address and other pertinent information including your search history. The following sites do not keep information on you or your searches.

Copernic Agent: The best overall FREE, TOTALLY FREE, search engine out there. I have been using Copernic for years. You download and install Copernic on your computer and it remains resident on that unit. They don't keep anything about you because the searches are done from your computer, not theirs. Copernic has cool features including color coding of the results so you can differentiate between pertinent data. Your search results stay on your computer for instant access at any time you need them. You decide what stays and what goes. You can go back months later and the results are still there.

Download from this site:

To see other Copernic products, go here:

Duck Duck Go: Simple to use, powerful, and FREE. The searches are encrypted and no information is kept on any user. You can add it to your current browser so you can make it your default search engine.

For info, go here and watch the video.

To do an on-the-fly search, just enter into your browser address window and type your search term into the search bar.

Zeekly: New on the scene and totally FREE. They have powerful 2048 bit encryption and they do not keep any metadata.

Go here to search securely:

More of these will pop up in the future as more people demand that their privacy be preserved.
I've had duckduckgo for my Main search for a while.
There are just a few things Google does better though.
Screw Bing.
I have a paid account with yahoo email, just so I can d/l with Thunderbird periodically,
but "WHENEVER" I'm online inputting anything, I assume I'm being watched.
I've gotten used to it.
Truth be known, they've been doing data mining since the internet really boomed in the early 90's.
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Maybe not to you. There may come a time when they need to hide again. Glad to know they can depend on you because it is obvious how seriously you take the subject.
to protect them from nativists perhaps. seen any around here?

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