software that doesnt work


Screwing with the code...
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I am trying to use drive copy by powerquest.
what its supposed to do is make the job of replacing/upgrading a harddrive very easy.
Well guess what, ive been at it now for almost 9 hours waiting for it to finnish and when it does. IT NO WORKY. i am pissed to say the least.
first it said i didnt have enough virtual memory so i fixed that. then it just wouldnt let me log into the system.
A lesson learned. I could have done this manually in about 4 hours. but noooo they wanted me to try this so we could use it corporate wide.

I just erased the word SUCKER off my forehead.
Drive image has always had trouble with bad sectors. Ghost is a much better, and faster, software.
Drive Image is excellent. Use it all the time.

You must be pressing the wrong buttons dude.

Try booting from the rescue disks and running it from them.
you guys are thinking of the wrong software. this does not make a image of the drive it makes an exact copy. no having to compress or anything.
I used ghost and drive image too and it works great. but this one was to be the best for the application i was doing.
HEH i say was like its done. i have to go back to work today and start all over again. WHAT JOY..... :grumpy:
If only, then i would feel so bad about the time wasted. But alas i bought it from powerquest. 50.00 down the drain. :(
Long live Ghost! That one little piece of software has saved my QA group COUNTLESS setup hours. Make multi-platform testing oh so much easier.