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I feel that it's getting a little bit out of hand again. What I see is thread after thread of back and forth personal conversations which would be better suited to messenger services than a bulletin board. It seems again that the board is becoming one which alienates newcomers and those who post less frequently because of the extreme cliqueisheness here.

For one who comes less frequently than hourly or even daily or weekly, it's difficult to feel one is welcome to get a word in edgewise, to understand what the members are talking about, to even follow some threads. I've noticed lately a lot of old members who have been awol coming back and trying to contribute and a) being completely ignored and/or b) having their posts buried immediately in a flurry of conversation. I've noticed this also happening to regular members who aren't able or willling to spend all day here, who just want to come and post and have a good comfortable time.

It's not conducive to having them come back, and it's not conducive to welcoming new members to have themselves be buried like this either. Several of our regular members have felt ostracized and alienated, and I sincerely hope that this trend does not continue.
less than a month and a half later and you've added 787 non-spam posts, Les ;)

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