The 10,000 Post Thread!

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We do not discuss other members inpublic, especially when they are not going to respond, due to their own volition :biker:

Good answer.
Shadowfax said:
So? Who loves cows too?

We-eelll... Not me. I tried to milk one once when I was a little kid. Didn't have much luck.

Speaking of strange sex, though... I saw this really weird foreign film once. It was a series of vignettes that all seemed to involve taxis, but took place in different parts of the world. In one, this Italian cab driver picks up a Bishop and starts telling him this weird story about having sex with a pumpkin. He got into a lot of detail about the pulp and the seeds, etc. The Bishop looked like he was about to faint... then he had a heart attack and died. When the cab driver realized the guy was dead, he pulled him out, set him on a park bench and sped off.

Like I said, it was a really weird movie. I can't remember the name of it. :shrug:
I have apparently lost complete knowledge of where this thread is going. Sex with aliens and cows?
Ahhh yes, sort of like women then, don't try to understand it, just hang on for the ride?
ok, "the walls" knows how i think anyway......:D :D

btw, yesterday i met a couple of gorgeous girls.......i will probly start dating one :headbang:
Leslie said:

Are you telling me that we SHOULD be able to understand you? Cause I'm thinking most women like it that we don't have a fucking clue.
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