The stupids are losing!


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Stupidity is not an option.
We are Americans. Act like it, or move the hell on down the road.


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Looks like there are some people in here after all. I can't believe it has passed so much time since I posted here last. Life really pass fastly as you get older...


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I heard the Jim Beam co. can now ring out the barrels, they are calling the "Devil's Cut".
If I still drank, I might give that one a shot.


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That may be the best gimmick yet, I've seen, to boost new iPhone sales.
I wonder if they have an app that goes with it to keep up with how many
of those phones get busted up.

This reminds me of those commercials that claim more pics are taken with the iPhone, than Any other camera,
or the one about videos.
How can they make that claim, unless they can keep up with all the other gadgets, and you know they
probably have a copy of all the stuff you do with the iPhone.


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