The Terrifying Future of The United States

Everyone that watches that vid gets free ticket to the military detention camp

too funny I actually logged in here
to post this
Gothy yer vid beats mine hands down but won't get ya interned
imo predicting the future is either witchcraft, or prophecy.
If it isn't 'based' in the Bible, it isn't prophecy
shit i figured you freedom fighters woulda already been loaded on them FEMA trains by now.

now have those trains replaced black helicopters or are they gonna work together?
DHS has realized its better to just shoot us where we stand hence all the hollow point ammo
I'm sure his dentist told him what needed to be done otherwise this or that will happen. No witchcraft or prophecy needed. Just analyzing the current trajectory.

Yes, we can accept "a giant sinkhole" in place of Washington DC
That video isn't predicting anything more than the reasons why you got your dental work done.
I get my dental work done only when I have e to.
I've got 3 uppers left, and I'm trying to make it until next week.
Then I'll get a full upper denture made. (I hope I can eat steak again then)
I can get a full upper for 200 buck. I can't make it myself for less then that.
I hope I can get my last 3 uppers out next week. Then I could have a full upper by my BD.

Anyway you analogy doesn't hold water.

I recognize 2 of them & I think another three have a slight resemblance to someone I've seen