These are the people our president want to arm

our president has no intention of sending those specific people weapons jim.

you really are a gossip girl at heart.
you think they are all the same. they are not. there are several factions, ethnicities, et cetera. the arms are being funneled to the non-AQ types who are rebelling against the socialist authoritarianism of assad.

certainly some arms will end up in the wrong hands, but you make it sound like the intention.

yes jim, obama is a muslim and he's obviously in cahoots with AQ.

and he's a socialist. er wait so why would he fight the ba'athists? hmm, very confusing, isn't it.

oh, right, it's that obama and all those other guys with funny names ain't from the same group you identify with. so that makes them all bad and all on the same team.

looks like it's you vs. the world.

good luck, ace.
LMAO oh you mean they aren't the same thing jim?

but how could they be different? fascism and socialism are both left wing things right? 'cause the nazis were lefties, right?
Literalism? You betcha. If it's not what you meant, then work on your grammar skills. Considering their agenda, it was certainly socialism
so what's a classical liberal?

it really wasn't socialism the natzis were after. but it's kinda hard to be a serious authoritarian asshole without commandeering the available machinery. what were they really after other than imagined tradition, identity, meaning, and glory? it's the kind of imagery that keeps assholes warm at night.
A classical liberal is what most modern conservatives are. However, the progressives took that label when progressive became the too hot to handle. Like most terms stolen by the left, they control the language, so they alter the definitions.

The Nazis were socialists. Government healthcare, over-regulation, government control of business, anti-capitalism, crap, most of the stuff we bitch about here can be attributed to the Nazis. Karl wasn't after the perfect race & he wanted no private property, so Adolph wasn't quite a commie.
the defining characteristic of nazis has little to do with the economy they ran. they were about tradition.

so yeah the left controls all language.

you confuse the means of production with private property. marx didn't expect folks to share underwear.
The Progressive Party in the early to mid part of the last century was the Socialist party.
okay well thanks for that.

but... no they weren't, jim. they were the progressive party. if they were socialists that's what they would have called themselves. just ask gonz. remember, literalism is our friend.

so how's the unstoppable march of sharia on american soil going? are they's in cahoots with the homosexual agenda?
holy fucking shit jim. you have just proven gonz's point with previously unimaginable clarity.

yes, they are all called "progressive."

just bloody brilliant.
yeah no shit. the funny part is teddy is a hero to a lot of less-aware right-wingers. they figure he got moxie so he's one of us. nominalist morans.