things that give you a headache.


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lately, my glasses. i rolled over them in bed recently, and i can't get them bent back to how they're supposed to be, so i've had like 6 headaches this week.



...and what's really irritating is when folks us "u" and "ur" for "you" and "your." and "you're" as well in the latter case, i suppose. it's possessive and copulary! weeee! (sounds like one of my old girlfriends...)


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Sleeping in a warm room.

Cigarette smoke.

Running to the west offshore in late afternoon - the sun is in your eyes and you have no choice but to squint into it for hours (at least until sunset) or stare at the radar screen, which will also give you a headache.


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Bad drivers and what's really bad is people who drive $100,000 cars and don't know how to drive them. If they can spend that much on a car then they should at least spend $500 on driving lessons.

Rude people.

stupid people.

lack of hot water when I'm taking a shower.

Squirrel point of sale equipment.

ugly people

smelly people

stupid trash talking 12-30 year olds on Xbox live. Just shut the fuck up and play the game.