To back up your computer


I know this will confuse some people, but the whole point of a RAW file is that it has no format, therefore there's no info within the file that can help to process the file contents properly (like bit depth, resolution, byte ordering, etc).

That type of RAW file sounds more to me like a BMP to me.
It contains all the info of your photo from the cameras processing. If you save in the .raw format, you'll never lose the original info, or have it degrade. However, you can't work in .raw (I don't think). So, you take the original file, make a copy, converting it to another format & alter, or make it viewable to others, since most folks don't have the same software to view it. Hell, Nikon has several versions.

decent info
After reading that, I come to the conclusion that a raw file is actually a file that contains raw image data (or data of an image without processing) but not a raw file.

I hate it when the marketing people give names to technologies :shrug:
I disagree with the USB drives for backups. They are far more likely to fail than a very good external hard drive. There are 2 types of flash: data and code. What you get in those sticks are data flash. It is acceptable to the remarketing company (like Memorex) to have areas with bad sectors. Not so for code, btw. It is more important that code grade flash have no bad sectors.

well, I don't have eSATA on my laptop, so it's really the only option. Identical 500gb western digitals. I keep my important docs on both of them, in case one fails. It's not a real RAID 1 setup, just me copying the files periodically.
You could always try a Drobo

I've never tried them, but Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.TV always talks about them. (you know, sponsorship deals and what not)