Well, welcome to socialized medicine in America

gee, reagan warned about something and it nominally came to pass.

he's batting waaaaay better than you with your obsessive doomsaying.

i think you need to get a better job, get out there in the world, and be competitive. occupy your mind with things other than DOOOOOM.
Nope it hasn't. You're still the egocentric dipshit you've always been.
yeah you're right i really should try to be more empathetic, and understand how the world and people like me have wronged you again and again.

let me know when your home town switches over to sharia law so i can celebrate your prophetic powers.
I know very few people that have seen much difference, but really just now things
are just starting to change some, and the website can't even stay up.
the truth is out there
sadly you'll be one of the millions living under martial law (and strangely enough liking it)
while we keep the fight alive in the hinterlands

she has your balls in a vice but she left the dick?
i guess it's still hooked on but now it shoots too quick?