What do you discover in the wee hours?


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paul_valaru said:
more like strang things, though I get peole asking for hookers and drugs

one poor boston pizza guy came to deliver a pizza to one ofout spa suites, came back white as a ghost, 12 naked people in the room

OH MY! He told you?


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But that's part of the fun. Escpecially if you're broke. It's my new strategy - I am gonna order pizza and when it's delivered I will answer the door nekkid. The sight of my naked body will gross him out so much he will drop the pizza and run away. Therefore I will score some free pie :D

(And then I will get sloshed, call you up and summon some demons ;))


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Here is something I am sad to say i have just discovered. Despite what appears at first glance to be a logical assumption, lemon-lime gatorade makes a lousy replacemnet for margarita mix....and is much heavier so all the tequila floats to the top.


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paul_valaru said:
yeah, we where joking about it after, ugly old naked swingers

Did you wave a UV light through the room later on to see where the bodily fluids ended up? OMG! ... how did they get that up there?!


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I used to deliver pizzas. I could relate some war stories...

I discovered once that it is impossible to flush the bathroom trash can, despite it being completely possible to whiz in it.

ekahs retsam

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Though I prefer the cool underside of my pillow. Florescent lights at 3am are also strangely comforting. It is as if the powers that be all came together to create such magnificent objects that hum, blink, and produce such an unnaturally white light which floods everything. They remind me that no matter what is going on in my life they will likely be around for a while producing illumination to a sometimes poorly lit world.


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I once posted a link here to a site dedicated to these 1950s air raid sirens powered by Hemi V8s. I discovered that oen late at night.


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BeardofPants said:
I usually do the pee run at about 5am, then I can't sleep no more. :mope:

Food? Don't tend to get tempted after 10pm. I eat twice a day generally - lunch, if I manage to get time to grab something, and dinner at 7pmish. Can't live without the diet coke though. Take that away from me and I turn into the banshee devil.

Don't you mean a Tasmanian devil? :D