What should our sig at HWC include?

outside looking in

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I added something simple for now...

The OT forum

But I figured that
(1) we might want the sig to have a uniform reference to OTCentral, so people realize that so many people from HWC go there
(2) we want to make sure we don't put something that HWC wouldn't take kindly to (such as HWC's OT forum)
(3) we want to get fairly close to that line though, so that HWC members are aware that this forum is primarily (in the beginning, at least) meant to just be the OT forum to compliment HWC.
(4) has to be cool


BTW, this forum is the greatest idea since non-fat imitation provolone cheese. :D


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Welcome to the board Newbie! :D

My sig reads: "Off Topic Central - Owned and Operated by HWC members"

The "Off Topic Central" is the link.


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The OTCentral.com domain may take about a day or two to propogate.

I like sbcanada's sig. It's borderline, but not against the rules. :D

outside looking in

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I've adopted sbcanada's sig for now. It seems appropriate, gives people the idea that it's an HWC OT forum without actually saying that it is.

Borderline, but should be OK.