What's up with the RW?!?

It seems to not exist, and I have never seen any administrative actions regarding sanctions taken without a PM. It also seems to be gone when I log rJ out too?!?

Is it really gone?!? Am I just kicked out of it?!? Is it just being scrubbed by the thought police?!?
I'm fine without it, and I also have a clear conscience, as I have not attacked anyone today. I realize I had a part in the whole deal, but I have made an effort today and if it comes back will make a continued effort.

The LL is much more fun anyway though.....
In all honesty I'd almost rather go argue politics with folks that I hate and I really kind of like almost everyone here in some odd way or another.
Oh and believe me, I do understand that I played a large part in the madness, but I will NOT take full responsibility, no way in hell! I had LOTS of help!
Hey maybe RW could be "group" you have to join in the control panel -- that way people wouldn't have to see it unless they choose to.

(theres a switch in the admin panel)